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innovative and smart 

Is realfriends for you? 


I don't want to be followed or spied on - YES 

I want to get back control on my personal infos - YES


I don't mind if I am being followed or spied on - NO 

My security and intimacy are very important to me - Yes 

Strangers = Friends

I am looking to make multiple new connections with people I don't know - NO 

I don't need a computer to tell me who my friends are - Yes 

No commercial content

You can hack or follow me to target me for advertisments- NO 

I just don't want to see any promotions or commercial content - Yes 

Intelligent Sharing

I want to share more inteligently to my different groups of contacts - I want to choose to what group I'm sharing - YES 

I want to control my time line, I want to see all my friend's posts - Yes 

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Our Testimonials

Feeling Safe

With realfriends, I finaly feel safe, no one spying on me.


Our Testimonials

I'm back on social media

I had lost hope in social media and closed all my accounts. Now with realfriends I'm back


Our Testimonials

Trust back in social media

I got sick when I found out that my personal data was collected for commercial purpose. real friends brought back trust to the social media world


Look Before Choosing

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Have any questions?

How does realfriends garantee my intimacy and security ?

What happens with all my personal infos?

Do you follow or record my activities?

We absolutely do not in any ways. At realfriends there is no following, tracking, looking or spying.

What do you mean by "No commercial content"?

We do not sell commercial adds on the app. So you will never see advertisements of products or services.

How do you protect my personal infos?

Since we do not sell anything on the app and we do not deal with advertisers. We do not need to collect your infos, therefore your personnal infos are very protected, because they are simply not needed.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please check link below to the Private Policy page