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Is real friends for you ?

Innovative and smart

  • I am looking to make multiple new connections with people I don't know - NO
  • I don't need a computer to tell me who my friends are - YES
  • I don't mind if I am being followed or spied on - NO
  • My security and intimacy are very important to me - YES
  • I want to control my time line, I want to see all my friend's posts - YES
  • I want to share more inteligently to my different groups of contacts - I want to choose to what group I'm sharing - YES
  • I do not want to see any promotions or commercial content - YES
  • My goal today in social media is to develop sincere friendships with my Real Friends - YES
  • I want to make as many groups of contacts as I want and 25 friends per group is enough for me - YES
  • I just want to be in control now - YES
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How does real friends garantee my intimacy and security ?

What makes us different

  • Accordion Icon Do you follow or record my activities?

    We absolutely do not in any ways. At real friends there is no following, tracking, looking or spying.

  • Accordion Icon What do you mean by "No commercial content"?

    We do not sell commercial adds on the app. So you will never see advertisments of products or services.

  • Accordion Icon What is you Private Policy?

    Private Policy: We have made our Privacy Policy accessible and easy to understand without any complicated legal terms that fill up pages of text you will never read. The only information we collect from you is the one you provide when registering for a new account, such as your name, username, email address, birthdate, city, country. We do not spy on you, follow you, track you, see or hear you in any ways. We do not sell your information to any third parties. Since there is no commercial content on the app, we do not use cookies or algorithms to study or record your behaviour on line for any type of commercial targeting.

    Terms of Service: By using realfriends you agree not to:

    • Violate any law or regulation. • Send any type of unsolicited communications • Intimidate, harass or bully other users. • Post or distribute any type of unlawful, racist, aggressive, violent, obscene, or pornographic content. • Impersonate someone.

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What our awesome users say

they do like our philosophy

With real friends, I finaly feel safe, no one spying on me.
I had lost hope in social media and closed all my accounts. Now with real friends I'm back.
I got sick when I found out that my personal data was collected for commercial purpose. real friends brought back trust to the social media world.

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